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30 May


Welcome, new readers, to the first day of the Indie Writers Monthly First Ever Blog Tour Spectacular. I am your host/lover of hyperbole & long titles, Briane Pagel, and I am going to explain to you why IWM is a must-read for any writer.


Well, sort of. While these posts on this blog tour will be a list, each one will have only one entry, as I am told that SOME PEOPLE (everyone) doesn’t have all day to read superlong posts.

But anyway: LISTS! (Because people love lists, right?)(In fact, I’m told the only thing people love more than lists are parenthetical expressions; or, perhaps, semicolons. And you got both of those in one sentence!)

Anyway, IWM was started by five of us back in January as a blog that would provide thoughts on the writing… OH RATS I forgot already I was going to do this in list form. Let’s start over with


1. Reading Indie Writers Monthly will help you become a time-traveler.

So right now, IWM is putting together our first-ever “Indie-pendence Day” Anthology, a collection of stories by people like… YOU! (Sorry for pointing.) These stories will come out around the Fourth of July, just like the Founding Fathers intended, and for this year are all time-travel themed. And, as I said, we want you to contribute. All you have to do is write a time-travel themed short story (the length can be anywhere from 1 to an infinite number of words, but try to make at least some of the words verbs, because readers love action), and then send it to litaplaceforstories[at]gmail.com, and you’ll get published in the anthology, and you’ll be eligible for prizes!

Prizes like FIRST PRIZE, a $15 Amazon Gift Card, or SECOND PRIZE, a $10 Amazon Gift Card. (Like all major contests [American Idol, elections to the US Senate, etc.] there is no third prize.)

The only other rules are that you must submit your story by June 15 to be considered, and you should copy it directly into the body of the email instead of attaching it, because my email address already has a cold and doesn’t need any new viruses.

So, how does that help you become a time traveler? Well, think about it: With so many people writing about time travel, it’s almost certain that one of us will discover the actual mechanism for it. That’s how science works, right? I’m pretty sure that’s how science works.

And if it’s you that discovers it, well, that’s got to be worth first prize, right? You’d think so. I mean, geez, it’s time travel. How does that not beat that one story with the tentacle monster.*

*PS That tentacle monster story might be pretty good, too. Don’t prejudge it.

So there you go. Bookmark IWM at indiewritersmonthly.blogspot.com, and you’ll learn how to travel in time**

**just as soon as you invent how to travel in time.

4 Responses to “IWM Blog Tour”

  1. Briane Pagel May 30, 2014 at 7:33 am #

    Thanks for putting this up!

  2. Michael Offutt May 30, 2014 at 10:50 am #

    Actually, Briane, this post was pretty brief for you. As for time travel, I love reading the stories but don’t enjoy writing them.

  3. Andrew May 30, 2014 at 2:19 pm #

    I got the time travel thing worked out. In fact, I now know why no one from the future has ever visited.

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